Jyga Technologies

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Feeding system for group housing in gestation available soon!

Release in June


Gestal SOLO: Improving sow’s body condition and milking capacity by offering multiple meal
during the day in order to increase sow’s daily feed intake.

The Gestal SOLO is monitoring and analyzing your sow consuption data and is generating numerous reports!

Download : Booklet [PDF: 4 Mo]

Gestal FM : Computerized and wireless feeding system for lactating sows. Gestal allows maximizing your sows daily feed intake precisely (distributed feed calculated in the computer) whenever needed, following each sow's needs at all times of her cycle, in order to increase lactating sows daily feed intake.
Gestal XM : Feeding and monitoring system for post-weaning and finishing barns. Allows you to know exactly the feed intake of your animals in post-weaning or finishing barns. This will give you the opportunity to get to analyzing and compare different feeding programs, genetics, boars and guilts and specifics in order to achieve better performances, economically as well as technically.



Jyga Technologies innovates continuously in order to conceive state-of-the-art technologies allowing your farm to be ONE OF THE MOST PRODUCTIVE.

Jyga Technologies’ professional team has deep knowledge in lactating sows feeding management. The Gestal system will allow you to reach the maximal potential of your sows, with minimal man-power. Our decade-long experience from research and observations allows us to develop efficient solutions to improve lactating sow feed intake and therefore offering you unique and competitive products.

The multidisciplinary team of the company is in constant R&D process. It benefits from an important research farm, with more than 2000 sows finishing over 60 000 hogs annually in Canada.

Jyga Technologies’ plant allows the company to market unique management tools to optimize pork producer's talent, productivity and financial income.